Persian Nights: Mocambo Cafe

I just heard this story on Mocambo which I thought I must share. I can't vouch for the veracity of it but heard it second hand from a venerable Parsi gentleman.

This is apparently from the days when Mocambo was a simple Irani cafe in sixties or seventies.

The Parsi gentleman who owned the place had gone to Iran for a pilgrimage of the Zoroastrian fire temples there. He had left the restaurant in the hands of his sons. When he came back after paying homage to the Gods and temples of his Holy Land he found that his sons had apparently converted Mocambo into a Chinese restaurant cum strip (!) joint. Don't ask me about the connection.

Anyway, he apparently wrung their ears and converted it back to the simple Irani restaurant that it was.

I had never heard of this before. But I had read years back that Bombay apparently had a strip called the Blue Nile near Strand at Colaba. Bombay today, of course, has become prim and proper. Gone are the apocryphal strip joints as well as the famous 'dance bars' where anything but scantily clad women would dance (listlessly) to Hindi film songs while men enjoyed their beers. The most famous of these was Topaz at Grant Road.


Unknown said…
You IS absolutely right. Dhunji
Unknown said…
Methinks a Parsi gentleman (?) told someone who told you.
Wish you my half parsi friend Pateti Mubarak and best wishes in the New Year. Dhunji