Little bursts of joy: Candies Minis

I have often written about the tiny pastries which they give with the coffee at Candies. This is my favourite part of the Candies experience. They are tiny, very sweet and very very tasty. And I think that one feels something extra when the good things in life come without a price.

My favourite is the marzipan covered sponge cake. This is the blue coloured one in the photo. You also get it in pink. Actually I think it is icing sugar coated and not marzipan. It reminds me of the simple, sugary cakes of my growing up years in Calcutta. I also love the lemon tarts. And there are so small that you don't feel guilty about popping a few. See it beside the cup of hot chocolate in the picture below to get a perspective of the size.
Kainaz is fond of the Jelly Slice which consists of three layers of jelly, stiff custard and a soft biscuity base. Very nursery like and a throwback to kiddy parties and treats in an age when choices weren't as abundant as today. Even I like them.
I think the norm is two minis per hot drink (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc). Though there have been times when I have got none and have had to ask for them
But I also remember one late evening when Kainaz and I were having coffee in the terrace garden. It was close to closing time. Suddenly there was an attendant coming and giving everywhere two little ones each in tiny paper plates. An unexpected gift from Santa on a midsummer evening I guess.