Navroze Mubarak

Today is Navroze. The first day of the Parsi New Year.

Eating plays a big part of the celebrations. Kainaz is taking my in laws and me to the J W Mariott buffet for dinner.

Roughly six hours to go to the feast


Serendipity said…
how did it go? :)

and Navroze Mubarak to Kainaz! My Parsi neighbour alsmot said 'same to you' when i wished him yesterday. lol.

Had he given me some Dhansak i wouldve been more than happy that hed wished me :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Serendipity. Thanks will pass on the wishes. We had a lovely dinner. Will write a post once I upload the pictures. Even Kainaz's granny says same to you if we wish her on her birthday. will never get dhansak on NY or an auspicious event as that is a funeral dish. The happy occassion equivalent is 'pulao daal' where the meat is in the pulao instea of in the daal
k said…
The best part is, even in the picture after the dinner, you've managed to make me look slim! Happiness!!!