Pasta: Hot and simple

I don't have a photo for this one but Kainaz said I must put it up on the blog. It was very tasty and I tossed it up in not time at all. So here's how to make a really simple, yet exotic, pasta in paprika sauce.
  • Boil the pasta (200 g) in water, till it's cooked, yet firm, and set it aside

Other ingredients:

  • Take 250 g of spicy chicken sausage and chop it. I sliced the sausages into half and then chopped it so that it gets flavoured well on all sides
  • Finely chopped bell pepper/ capsicum, ideally a red one.
  • Dissolve a spoon of corn flour in a cup of low fat milk
  • A table spoon of ketchup, paprika flakes, crushed pepper, 3 low fat cheese slices/ 2 cheese cubes, a tea spoon of olive oil, a few drops of capsicum sauce


  1. Saute the sausages in Olive oil and ketchup.
  2. Add the chilly flakes and crushed pepper and stir
  3. Add the chopped bell peppers and stir
  4. Once the sausages look a bit browned, add the milk and cornflour.
  5. Add the cheese and bring it to a boil and then let it simmer till the sauce thickens
  6. Then add about a tea spoon of salt and add the boiled pasta and let it cook for 3-4 minutes
  7. Garnish at the end with some split green chillies and some capsicum sauce

The end result is a nice pasta in a slightly pink-creamish sauce which was so tasty that we didn't waste time photographing it. The best thing is that the entire process took about fifteen minutes or so from start to finish.

PS. The Bourdain approved version would have pork sausages and full cream milk and cheese


Scarlett said…
I'm a pasta lover & this sounds like a good recipe. Am gonna try before my diet-exercise regime starts a week from now!! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett: Don't even talk to me about diets etc :( I have recently sacrificed many Sundays and lots of money to a money making racket called Kaya. And still not done with the sham. There is one more Sunday left.
Re: this pasta, it is not as fattening except the base, pasta, if you have carb hang ups. You can try wheat pastas then. I am not a big fan of those except the Sunfeast ones. Most of the other ingredients are 'skimmed'/ low fat. You can reduce the cheese or not put any at all and herb it with Oregano/ rosemary. Don't know if they are as easily available in Cal. Sausages, as Joey of Friends would say, are GOOD. Otherwise u can put some chopped, boiled, chicken breasts ; lean and protein packed
Kainaz is a big pasta fan and the original pasta maker in the family. I picked it up from her. I as planning to order my favourite Chinese last nights. Then I went to bombarded with 'happy molecules', had a change of heart and decided to make the pasta for her
k said…
It'a the perfect recipe fo sore eyes!