TV dinners

Last night I watched Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations'. The episode was the one on Greece. Everything was so yummy on the show - the lamb's spleen, the freshly cooked lamb, the quail, the octopus and sea anemone, the breakfast of cream cheese deep fried in a thin flour sheet - I could feel my cholesterol go up as I saw the show. Bourdain really knows how to bring a place alive. The other day he did a feature on post Katrina New Orleans... very touching. We are in the midst of planning our holiday for October. Egypt is leading the race with Turkey as a close second. After yesterday I just want to go Greece. Not that we can afford it. Anyway if one eats all the fatty stuff there then in any case I guess its a straight stairway to heaven and one won't need to bother about one's retirement funds.
Another programme which we follow nowadays is called Chef. This comes on BBC entertainment on Friday night. This is about a grumpy chef who runs a French restaurant in England. He is played by someone called Lenny Henry. It is a British comedy from the nineties I think. The humour is really caustic and sharp. Lenny Henry's character is very similar to Gordon Ramsay's in Hell's Kitchen. Though I think the Chef came first so I won't be surprised if Ramsay got some inspiration there. Worth a watch.


Scarlett said…
Lamb Gyros (pronounced Hee-roes) is another Greek item which is lipsmackingly delicious. It consists of lamb rolled in a pita bread along with tartar sauce & some other white sauce. Try it sometime if you can get your hands on it.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
lamb? soft pita bread? tarter sauce? white sauce? sounds can even make our version at home