When cakes are wishes: Oberoi Cake Shop

We brought in Kainaz's birthday with a chocolate mousse cake from the Oberoi Cake Shop at Nariman Point.

Kainaz had introduced me the cake shop when we were dating and working at the same office Nariman Point.

Oberoi's makes the most delicate and unique cakes in Bombay which stand out from what you get in other cake shops. Though a five star, the cake shop prices are not astronomical. Today, a pastry costs about Rs 90 (USD 2.5) and a half kilo cake costs from Rs 400 to 500 (USD 10 to 12).

Coming back to the cake, it was nice and moussy, had dark chocolate with the odd crisp biscuitlike chocolate bite. I called for it in the evening and was glad to see that it had not melted when we opened it though the mousse is quite a delicate base for cakes. I came home and put in the deep fridge for ten to twenty minutes which helped to firm it.

Mousse cake and dark chocolate are two of Kainaz's favourite things. Having said that I forget every year that she likes the truffle cake at the Oberoi's. Next year I will look up the blog before 'surprising' her.

The two of us pigged on this over two nights.


Scarlett said…
Jesus Friggin' Christ!! How do the two of you not gain wait?????
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett...what gave you the idea that I don't. As for Kainaz, one of her latest Facebook status' said she swore by special K. Though we did spent the initial days after marriage polishing off a i/2 kg truffle cake from croissants etc or a i/2 kg tub from Snowbite or a box of Ferrero Roches
or a box of gulab jamun fom Domodar sweets a night...we grew a lot in our relation then
k said…
heaven in a box!