Breakfast breakthrough 1: Has Juice bar, Crepetaria

I added the 'follower' application on the blog today. If you are a 'follower' then you would have figured out that I am more of a breakfast person than a nightclub person. Nightclubs belong to another phase of my life. I must qualify that by 'breakfast' one's referring to meals one often has at twelve noon on holidays after tumbling out of bed.

We made a couple of good discoveries this week. One was on Saturday when we went to Has Juice Bar bang opposite my house at Pali Naka, Bandra. Has initially launched as a fairly expensive juice shop with modern equipment and fresh, exotic juices. They have brought down their prices off late and I have occasionally picked up stuff from there.

They have opened up a crepe section called Crepetaria. Kainaz and I tried it out this Saturday and we really enjoyed ourselves. I had a swiss roll crepe. It was heavenly. A limp crepe ( a bit like a sweet sada dosa), filled with slices of swiss cake, fresh cream and oodles of strawberry jam. It has vanilla ice cream too which I delcined as I had a bad throat. The crepe was like a fairy tale. It was sweet, and each bite was one of delectable, spongeish joy. All I needed with it was nice, hot coffee to set me up for the day.

However, there was no coffee so I had a juice which was a mix of ginger, carrot and other stuff which was supposed to set a cold right. It tasted... 'strong'.

I fulfilled my dream this evening by picking up a Swiss Roll crepe and having it at home with a nice coffee.

Kainaz had a Nutella crepe which she loved. I took a small bite only as there was butterscotch ice cream. That bite was divine. The chocolate paste of Nutella was nicely bound to the sweet butterscotch ice cream by the soft crepe.

The average cost of the crepes are from Rs 45 to 90 (1 to 2 USD).

The experience would be better if they gave plates as the crepes could get messy and if the staff was a bit more awake and informative.


EMC said…
Those crepes look heavenly!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thanks for dropping in Dr Food. makes my day to get a comments. The crepe was really yummy which is why I went again the next day
k said…
baked cheesecake crepe is nect on our list. Right?