Breakfast Breatkhrough 2: Barista, Bandra Bandstand

I am not really into astrology. So I don't know know whether this is because I am an Aquarian. But the fact is that I am really fond of the sea. I just love seeing the open horizons in front of me. Not that I swim or anything but it gives me a sense of freedom. A much needed rush of freshness from the potholes, traffic gridlocks and the daily checklists in life.

The wehad a lovely breakfast by the sea fairly close to home on Sunday. This was at the Barista at Bandstand, Bandra.

I had a nice lemon chicken sub which they grilled nicely. It was crisp and yet moist and creamy inside.

I had a regular cappuccino. Kainaz had a frappe which she loved but I don't like my cold coffees to be so strong. We then had a choco chip muffin which was quite fresh and tasty and the sweetness was just right. The food was decent. One doesn't expect gourmet stuff at coffee shops in any case.

But what made it heavenly was the view of the sea in front of us and the balmy sea breeze. Our mood was nice and relaxed, very different from the afternoon heat and huge crowds on weekend evening there.

There is a Cafe Coffee Day beside the Barista as well as at the Carter Road Promenade but Barista scores on the food front.