Burger Bombs: CCD

I have recently written a few posts on some pleasant experiences at Barista. There are some like Kainaz and my friend, Kashi who are quite fond of Cafe Coffee Day and especially speak well of CCD'sopen chicken sandwich.

I personally feel their food fares poorly on comparison. Yesterday I picked up a chicken burger from CCD while shuttling between meetings in the evening. It was, without doubt, the worst burger in the Milky Way.

The chicken patty was rubbery, the bread was just about OK, and there was no filling or flavouring. The sachet of Heinz tomato ketchup which came with it helped ensure that I didn't throw up while eating it.

Definitely avoidable.

They have introduced a new fruit and nut cookie. I must admit that is not so bad.


Manasi said…
i worked at CCD a very long time ago, during my time there, i had atleast 3 people complain to me about roaches in their food. ofcourse, since the food is from local bakeries, you can't generalize, but it did put me off theirs for a lifetime.
Rubbery chicken and roaches? Geez!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Manasi...hmmm you can do your own kitchen confidential. Working at a restaurant is probably an experience missed. I grew up on Archies comics but there were not Pop Tates equivalents then to do summer jobs in
@Jessica: I guess we all have our Starbucks. I was referring to some of your earlier posts. Last night we went to a gelatto place where the guy kept coughing as he served us. But he did give a very generous scoop and Kainaz some extra milk shake
Unknown said…
Am still recommending you to try the chicken open sandwich at CCD
...For burgers, it has to be Hearsh bakery....unbeatable
k said…
best to stick to the coffee there