Khaane Khaas: tops my service charts

The other day I had written a post on bad service.
I mentioned Khaane Khaas quite a few times as a contra. Well I had an experience recently which helped me keep the faith.
My mom in law had sent some off her lovely white chicken over (the gravy is made of crushed, almonds, whole garam masala and coconut milk). I felt like having a simple green peas pulao with it. I couldn't think of any place to order. I knew Khaane Khaas had one. I had ordered it twice in the past but I found the peas to be a bit too hard both times.
Still desperation got the better of me and I tried my luck by calling them up. I told them that I actually wanted a green peas pulao but I asked them to send a jeera (whole cumin pulao) as I felt their peas were too hard. The friendly gentleman who took the call told me that he would send me a peas pulao if that's what I wanted. He said he would personally make sure that the peas were well cooked.
Well I took his word and ordered the peas pulao. The pulao which came was exactly what I wanted - white well falvoured rice, a hint of kewra water and peas which were just right, neither hard nor soggy. It was as if he tried various batches and gave me the ones I approved off. Except that did not actually happened so that meant he read my mind perfectly.
I was so touched that I called up and thanked them.