On food and travel blogging

I recently wrote a post on Singapore on my new blog, faraway diaries.

This is a blog on travel. I later realised that a lot of the post was on food. I guess there are different reasons one travels - to see new places, to get away from the present, for shopping, for having fun in amusement parks, safaris...the list goes on. For Kainaz and me checking out historical places is a high. I guess Kainaz's love for history augurs well for me given that I am getting into my mid thirties!

We also see places through food. An integral part of our travels is food - discovering new restaurants, trying out new cuisines, falling in love with new dishes. In fact we stay well away from Indian food whenever we go abroad. I guess being non vegetarians help.

Coming to food blogging I was recently reading a comment from someone about how she recently discovered two what she called 'boy food bloggers' in what she possibly thought was a woman's domain - the worl of food blogs

I guess there are a few reasons why boys or men (whom am I conning?) are a natural fit with food blogging:

  • The best and most famous chefs in the world are men
  • Men who are not professional cooks but cook are really proud of this and don't keep it a secret
  • We love to eat
  • We love to eat and generally (well I am speaking for myself) don't obsess about the scales
  • We love to give our point of view and the blog is as good a place as any for this


We definitely travel for food! Lon (male) proudly blogs with me. =)
Anonymous said…
this one is for my 'boy food blogger' comment, ain't it? humph!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Manasi....ya i guess so and I was trying to divert traffic to my travel blog ;)