Sindhudurgh II: quick and far from dirty

I spent some more time at Bandra Kurla Complex on work last week. So we did Subway, Pizza Hut (loved the cute little pan pizzas) and of course Sindhudurgh. Sindhudurgh which serves local Malwani fare has sparked off a bit of a discussion on the blog.

So here are a few more observations.

Yes Sadicha which is next door was more crowded and there was a queue to get in. Again Sindhudurgh which was next door made more sense as it was air conditioned and cleaner and we had to get back to a meeting.
We had a colleague with us this time who has eaten at Sadicha before. After eating at Sindhudurgh she felt that the taste was as good as Sadicha and said that the prices were fairly similar too. She said she was a bit foxed about why Sadicha was more crowded. Our guess was that the aircon gave an impression of Sindhudurgh's being more expensive which it apparently wasn't.
The staff was quite helpful. I had ordered a crab thali after they assured me that the crab shell is cracked and the flesh is easy to take out. This was important as one had to get back to work and I couldn't mess up my white shirt. However, there was some miscommunication as the crab was actually not shelled.
So I requested the crab to be changed with chicken masala and explained why. They did so without any fuss and we proceeded to have another lovely lunch.
This time I took a picture of the lovely, mouth watering, soft and crisp Bombil or Bombay Duck fry which came with the thali.
Incidentally Bombay Duck is a sort of fish and not a duck.