Food for thought

I had read this quote recently which is the perfect birthday gift for Finely Chopped.
This was a quote from David Wild's coffee table book on the soap, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Friends is a very important part of Kainaz and my lives. We started watching it ever since we started dating. Over the years we have watched countless re-runs. The characters and their stories have become a part of our lives (more mine I must admit) Watching Friends is one of my bed time rituals. It's taken over from the stories my parents would tell me before I went to sleep. And I still won't forget watching the last episode together with Kainaz and exulting when Ross and Rachel finally linked up for good.
Then read I read a comment from one of the three executive producers, Kevin Bright, in the book. I quote:
Q Beside the obvious financial rewards, what's kept everyone coming back for more every year?
Kevin Bright: I think when it really gets down to it, it's the food. No other show eats the way we do. if you want to have happy people, you must have good food. Over the years we have always kept our Craft Services table well stocked and the writers get nice meals brought in for them because when they are sitting there knocking it out on 16-20 hr days you have got to have something to make them smile.
Quote ends.
I completely agree with this. Ever since I have managed people I have tried to see that people eat well, I try to think of places and dishes that people will enjoy when they go out and food has always been a part of happy moments or triumphs at works.
Over the years there have been three and a half people whose working styles and people management skills I have admired and tried to emulate. And they have all been people who have had a hearty outlook towards food, who eat well and encourage people to eat well. Three of these are people whom I got to know at the beginning of my career and still look up to. Good managers seem to be rare.
I have also seen people who are pretty anal when it comes to matters of food. So are there managerial skills!


Scarlett said…
I agree with the role that food can play at the workplace. One of the main reasons people at my current office work so late is because they get good food at the office canteen!! It's not enough to keep me at work late but hey, I guess it works well for some people
!! :)
I totally agree! I bring lots of my goodies to Lon's office for his staff and they love it!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett: the abundance of food is thanks to one of the three and a half people I was referring to. That's where I first put on weight after college. Though, honestly, the thought of free food wouldn't keep me in office
@Jessica: is Lon hiring :)
Haha, the way our economy is going, you don't want to come here.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
actually that applies to most places in the world I guess