Oh...that wonderful time of the year

It has a been a chaotic week so far... what with Mamma's (Kainaz's grandmom's) stroke yesterday (she has opened her eyes today and started progressing after I suggested a honey and chocolate diet for her yesterday - we are a family of eaters), what with being flummoxed by folks who thought I sell potatoes at wholesale rates for a living, and what with the terrible back breaking traffic yesterday while I dropped stuff at office yesterday to go visit Mamma.
Then I woke up this morning to have a lazy breakfast at Candies with Kainaz - chicken jungli sandwich, coffee and one mutton chop from what Kainaz was taking to Mamma's house.
Suddenly the world seemed different, I could hear the birds chirping, I admired the flowers at our corner store and picked some roses for Kainaz to take to Mamma.
I guess it has got to do something with the Muslim festival of Eid today...a community with arguably some of the best food in the world.
So I plan to finely chop and scroll in my faraway diaries today.