Turkish hangover

I am still missing Turkey, especially Istanbul, badly.
I remembering telling Kainaz there that it was such a pleasure to walk into restaurants without the mad queues of Bombay. There are so many options there of the same types of restaurants that sitting is never a problem. I was remembering the nervousness with which we approach Candies on holidays. And my fears came true when I joined office on Monday. I went out with my group for a Diwali lunch. We went to Mocambo. Full. We walked through the sweltering heat (ah...where is the natural AC of Turkey) to 5 Spice...Full. In fact people were waiting on the streets. Went back to Mocambo and finally ate one and a half hour after we left office for lunch!
While on Mocambo why do they hide the Parsi menu? The continental dishes are thrice the prices of the Parsi stuff and half the taste. Have they considered upping the prices of the Parsi stuff and then taking it out of the closet?
I went berserk over the cheese in Turkey. Kainaz said that Mamma's spirit had got into me as she loved cheese. I would keep eating cheese during breakfast till it came out of my ears. I miss the cheese platters. Specially the creamy ones, the twisty ones, the crumbly ones, all of them actually. Cheese is called peynir in Turkish like paneer in India.
So we went to Bagel shop for brekfast yesterday and I asked for a goat cheese bagel. Got a rude shock as it had walnuts AND honey in it. I told them that I only wanted goat cheese. They were nice enough to change it. Then I took a bite. Each bite was pure bliss as I could sense the crumbly cheese melt in my mouth as little salty streams of ecstasy. During those few minutes the goat cheese at Bagel Shop took me back to my idyllic breakfasts in Turkey where I was a Sultan for a few days.
I will update the Turkey stories on faraway diaries first and then put the food reports here. Once I finish banging head stressing over the slow net connection. I must take the broadband!


Anonymous said…
You're in Turkey?! What a coincidence, I was there at the start of this month.

The goat cheese was a bit of an experience I have to say...guess it takes time to grow on you?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
that's a coincidence indeed. On chhutti I hope. Where all did you go? I have developed a taste for cheese recently. Don't mind the smelly ones and have even had blue cheese.

The converse is true when it comes to fish as I can't take the smell at all
About the goat cheese, I agree that you should get whatever you asked for, but the thought of goat cheese with walnuts and honey is pure heaven to me.

Oh, and we just got fios, it's incredible.
Anonymous said…
A fish-o-phobia? Thats unusual for a Bong, no? :-) Likewise actually, I can't stand fish for its smell either. I normally like cheese but I guess huge bricks of feta cheese plonked atop veggies in lieu of Greek salad were enough to put me off.

I visited Istanbul and later was in Bodrum for a day as well. All on holiday. Where did you go?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@ideasmithy...I don't have a phobia but it's not my favourite meat. Actually quite a few Bongs, specially men, are not big fish eaters. Probabaly because we eat it day in and day out. My wife loves fish though. I am quite fussy about fish. Don't eat all types and am quite put off if they are smelly.
I am sure you must have had a great time. We went to Istanbul and Cappadocia...have started writing about it in my travel blog www.farawaydiaries.blogspot.com