We will always have Candies: Off to Turkey for a holiday

We are finally off to Turkey early tomorrow morning - Istanbul - Cappadocia - Istanbul
We will back with lot of material for faraway foods once we are back on the 25th. Happy reading till then and please sending in your comments. Am looking forward to reading them.
It was toughest to say goodbye to Candies this evening as we went there for a short snack. We plan to have a Thai dinner at Thai Baan tonight before heading to the airport. I guess the Thai taste would be different from the Turkish fare which might not be too different from some of the North Indian stuff, especially kebabs.
So no posts for a while and won't be able to publish comments too for a while.
Ciao or as they say in Bengali, aaschhi


Staarin said…
Happy vacations!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Staarin: thanks...it was happy and i know it