Discovering virgin tastes a Indigo Deli

By now you would have made out that we eat a lot. The flip side is that it is sometimes difficult to come across something new, especially in Mumbai (note to self: must stop typing 'Bombay').
Last night was a pleasant surprise. We had gone to Indigo Deli at Colaba, near Regal Cinema.
It serves a continental fare. The look and feel is similar to Basilico - dark wood, but bigger and built over two floors. It was fairly crowded for a Wednesday night. They serve alcohol unlike Basilico and are slightly pricier. The average dish costs Rs 250 - 350 (USD 6 - 10).
We had a batter fried calamari with a wasabi mayo dip. This was out of the world. As Kainaz said, one of the best squid dishes we have ever had. It helped me forget the smelly batter fried squids of Istanbul (Kainaz says that the Turk's hearts aren't in seafood) or the chewy ones in Thailand. The squid is very succulent and easy to bite into. The batter was crispy and yet soft. It was not a thick, hard batter. The end result was a petite crackle rather than a big crunch. The wasabi dip was suitably tempered down and went well with the squids.
We had the quiche of the day which was - ham and smoked meats. This was lovely. Can I say 'out of the world again'? There were soft, excellent quality, cold cut strips enveloped in a lovely, melted cheese nest baked in the thinnest of crusts. See the cheese oozing out in the picture below.
For dessert we had, I have to say it again, an 'out of the world' baked cheese cake brownie. It was a pleasure like nothing that I had every experienced before. Each bite was a heavenly, orgasmic mix of satly cheese and excellent chocolate which just melted in the mouth. I get goose bumps thinking of it. It was sinful.
Indigo Deli gets my thumbs up. We were remebering a special moment in our relation and Indigo Deli...well delivered.
PS. Kashi, 3 posts in a day. Happy ? :)


Anonymous said…
OMGG!! I LOVVEEE Indigo Deli.
Love it Love it Love it.
Love the wine cellar-ish entrance, the cheese fridge and the food.

Although a single slice of cheesecake for 250 rs. is a hole burner. :S
k said…
The deli gets two thumbs up from me
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Food monster: yes loved the decor. 249 is quite pricey. Desserts at other similar places range from 100 - 125. But it was a piece of art
@K: two thumbs up like grandpa?
Oozing cheese calls to me every time. MMMMMM.....
EMC said…
That quiche looks soooooo appetizing!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Dr Food: I took this with a low resolution, cell phone camera. So imagine how good it was