The tasteful Tasting Room

I am a big believer in celebrations. This could be for happy moments in life. Or at work. And, for me, celebrations always involve good food.

The other day saw a very pleasant surprise at work. the sort one would hardly expect in today's gloomy times. I told Kainaz who said that we must celebrate.

So we met at The Tasting Room. This is at the Raghuvanshi Mills complex at Lower Parel and is a part of the Good Earth store.

Well it was a special place. The decor was very nice. Classy with a lot of dark wood and yet with a certain rustic touch in terms of rough walls or exposed panels which were testimony to the mills that used to be there.

I was comfortably settled in a couch and didn't feel like leaving.

The food was quite lovely. We had teriyaki chicken which was quite nice. It comes in a bed of herbed rice. We skipped that. However they didn't substitute it with bread rolls or anything. We also had a chorizo pasta which was very tasty. The hint of tomato was a change from the usual pasta. The quality of meat was very good. The food was presented very well. I would definitely go back there.

We were too full for desserts. They serve liquor too.

The average dish costs around Rs 250 - 300 (5-6 USD).