Roll over: Calcutta rolls at Bandra

I discovered a new roll shop at Bandra this evening. This is called 'Dee Rolls' and is beside A1 Bakery at Hill Road. There was no visible sign of it being a Bengali roll shop. However, I checked it out since it was new and then saw them making Calcutta style rolls. We had egg chicken rolls. The roll was quite tasty and filling. The chicken kebabs were succulent though they tasted more like tandoori tikkas than the chicken kaati kebabs of Calcutta rolls. Prices range from Rs 30 - 40 (close to one USD).

I feel that the fare at 'Calcutta Roll Centre', especially the chicken rolls, is better and more like the rolls at Calcutta. They are more into fanfare with the cooks wearing uniforms and dressed in chef hats. The prices are similar to Dee rolls despite its external trappings. This stall is on Linking Road opposite Amarsans, close to Shopper's Stop.

So now there are two decent roll shops in Bandra and one Sweet Bengal. Now we need one good Bengali restaurant here.

While on roll shops at Bandra one must spare a thought for the couple who had started a roll shop at Pali Naka called Chowringhee Square in the early 2000s. Pity it didn't last long. Still one must admire their spirit.