Amore: cold vibes you will love

I felt like something sweet after last night's spicy Goan dinner.

Before I could say anything Kainaz stood up and said that she wanted an ice cream. A Bollywood script couldn't get mushier.

We headed for Amore at Carter Road, Bandra. Amore is our favourite amongst the various gelatto (OK, not ice cream) shops in Bombay. And we have tried most.
What I like about their gelattos is that they are really tasty and creamy. At the same time there is a certainly freshly whipped feel to their gelattos which I do not find at most other places. Amore has a nice range of flavours and they keep changing these.
I like the yoghurt based fruity flavours (strawberry, blueberry) as well as the cheesecake ones. Within chocolates I like the milk chocolate ones such as dark and white chocolate or brownie and cream. Kainaz is a big fan of cookies and cream. They have a range of sorbets for the health conscious which neither of us touch.
One more thing which I love about Amore is that they give you the option of mixing two flavours in one cup which most other places don't. The kids who man the shop are quite enthusiastic and they will often recommend flavours or refer to a particular one as their favourite. Yesterday one of them referred to chocolate butterscotch as his favourite. I tasted it, like it and had it. I really appreciate it it when the staff of a place knows about what they are serving. This is quite rare these days and I hate it when the person taking my order can't answer my questions on the food!
Amore is the most expensive amongst the gelatto shops. Still I was a bit zapped by the price of Rs 110 (2USD) per cup. Used to be about Rs 60 when we started going there.