Candies from Candies

We dropped in at Candies for breakfast to check out the work in the apartment we are going to rent. The flat is larger than ours and is closer to Candies !
Come to think of it that it is quite a coincidence that the new Candies, close to my house at Pali Naka, opened a year back in December. A year later I will reciprocate by moving closer to Candies in January!

This time we got some complimentary chocolates with our coffee. Frankly I prefer cookies or cakes with coffee rather than chocolates. Of course, I love chocolate. I had the brown one, which had a Marzipan centre, with my coffee and took the other three home.

I had them over dinner while I watching a dumb film, Rab De..., which was caught in a time warp. Biting into the chocolates were the only high points of this dreary movie.

I like white chocolate and this one had a soft centre. The ones wrapped in foil where milk chocolates with butterscotch bits, my favourite.

Towards the end of the movie Kainaz felt hungry. Luckily there was a Cookie Man's soft chocolate chip cookie which I had got from Delhi and had saved up for coffee. It worked for Kainaz.