Candies: where the coffee is always hot and the smiles are always warm

If you have been following my blog then you would know that Candies is our favourite food spot in the world and that we often head there for breakfast, especially on Sundays.

Today was no different. I was up at 9.30, brushed and combed, waiting for the empress to wake up.

By 1030 I had enough and shook her up. Though she didn’t complain once she was there.

The photo below has what we had breakfast. I must admit that the coffee in a takeaway cup and two jelly slices was Kainaz’s only contribution to it. And, of course, she paid for the whole fare!

There was another heavy eater a few tables away who matched me bite to bite. He was three feet tall! Around 6-7 years old.

The photo below shows the free petite fours, jelly slices, rum balls, cookies, lemon tarts which Candies serves with their coffee (two pieces per cup). Now coffee doesn’t seem the same without these.

Candies represents everything I love about Bandra... its Christian roots, its eclectic mix (its fare inlcludes Goan, East Indian, Punjabi, Thai, Malai, Japanese, Chinese, Continental... no Bengali though except as customers), its relaxed and laidback fare, its warmth, its chaos which is unique unlike faceless malls and coffee shops, the big smiles, our friends we bump into, great wonder I feel at home here!