Christmas spirit at work

Today is the day before Christmas. It was a bit drab at work with nothing happening, except work! I was missing the secret Santas and pot luck office lunches of yore.

Then inspiration hit me. I sent out an e to my team mates about going to the American Express Bakery for an impromptu Christmas party if they were free. No sooner had I sent out the e that everyone was at my door.

American Express has some lovely bakes and sandwiches (chicken salami, Hawaiina chicken, mutton sandwich - my pa in law's favourite) and cookies. They have a branch at Bandra too.

We headed for this 100 year old bakery at Byculla, the main branch, and gorged on Christmas puddings, prawn pattices, chicken pattice, chicken quiche and some other stuff. We were lucky to get the prawn patties which they normally only make during Christmas. In fact they weren't on display and I had to ask quite a few times before we got them. Don't get fooled by the innocuous looking crust. The prawn is spiced in a spicy East Indian Masala Mix. The Christmas pudding which is rich, full of dry fruits and soaked in rum.

And this time the girls got their share too unlike when we went to Madras cafe.

Our boss (in the centre, with the glasses) played Santa and picked up the tab.

Merry Christmas!


Moonshine said…
Poor boss!!! How much fatka you all gave him? Probably had to grin and bear it!!! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
he was the first to respond to my invite :)
Nice boss! Happy Holidays!!