Kainaz did not drink tea or coffee when I first met her. Then she discovered cappuccino a few year's back. There's been no stopping her since then. You will now often find her at a coffee shop with her order of a cappuccino which is hot (yes you have to ask for that in most places), with froth (very important to Kainaz), in a takeaway cup with a lid and a straw. For some reason she can't have it from a mug or cup without the froth. These bawis are mad!
So coffee at home doesn't work for her - where's the froth?

Cut to a couple of days back when our friends Tanuja and Nishant dropped in with a surprise birthday gift for Kainaz.

In their words 'a rather late birthday gift for a taste you discovered rather late'. Kainaz's birthday was on 22nd August. Unlike me, the three of them write for a living as you can make out from the inscription.

Well the gift was this fantastic coffee machine. To be more specific a 'Morphy Richards Espresso Coffee Maker With Frother'.

Boy, how thoughtful can you get? A fairly expensive (I am sure) solution to the only craving their friend couldn't satisfy at home. Hat's off to them I must say even if this post makes them blush.

I must also go on record saying that these are my observations and do not reflect Kainaz's attachments to her other friends or the gifts they give her.

At times I am often stuck on what to give someone. And I can rarely claim to have been so bang on. Well my cousin used to like the Spiderman action heroes I used to give him. Come on, whom am I kidding. This is a topper.

Well the machine is very simple to use. The coffee is authentic as it gets. It's hot. It froths. Its too cool.

My Cheshire cat can't stop grinning.

PS: Kainaz drinks tea after she discovered green tea in the tea centre. Tea bags will do.