Happy first birthday Candies@McRonnel

Candies @ Mc Ronnel, Pali Naka turned one yesterday.

We found out when we went there for coffee last evening. They were giving a 50% discount to mark this. So there was a stampede akin to a Beatles concert in the seventies. Kainaz and I quietly slipped away. I guess we will always be there through the year.

Folks have sometimes asked me what to order at Candies. I thought I will write a commemorative article on this. So here's what makes it to the Knife's Cut @ Candies:


  • Skinny cappuccino (don't forget to ask for the complimentary tarts if they don't give them) - Rs 40

  • Plain chicken sandwich - slightly sweet and mayo'ish - Rs 20 a triangle

  • Ham and cheese sandwich (very fresh ham) - Rs 50

  • Tuna/ chicken jungli sandwich (tastes nice when grilled too, on request) - Rs 50

  • Ask for the potato chips which come with the sandwich. Stuff it between the sandwich and eat it

Full meals (most items cost Rs 100 each):

  • Roast chicken - you can choose whether you want leg or breast piece, a slightly sweetish tomato based sauce, very east Indian, comes with a complimentary salad and bread rolls

  • Classic roast chicken - same extras and cost, dressing is more butter and rosemary based and is more salty and crisp

  • Pork sorpatel ( as good as any I have had in Goa, not always available)- comes with bread rolls

  • Green chicken Thai curry - comes with steamed rice which is disproportionately more than the chicken, one of the best Thai curries in Bombay. The red one doesn't measure up

  • Beef rendang - comes with steamed rice, tastes similar to what I have had in Malaysia

Other snacks/ in betweens:

  • Chocolate/ coffee milk shake: ambrosia if there ever was one...it's like drinking ice cream - Rs 50

  • Wildberry ice tea - Kainaz swears by it. I find it too sweet for my taste - Rs 50

  • Puffs - especially mutton, followed by prawn, lovely East Indian masala stuffing, good flaky crust - Rs 20

  • Potato chops - mutton mince - very nice, East India masala spiced mutton mince deep fried in a mashed potato jacket. The vegetarian has green peas and carrots instead of mince. That's great too

Note: the prices are ball park and they add tax to it. The current conversion rate is Rs 50 = 1 USD