A little bit of lovin to start the day: Mac Breakfast

I couldn't stay away from the McDonalds breakfast . Some kind souls pointed out that you get it at Mumbai too.
So I headed to the Phoenix Mills Mac with Kainaz. That too after I did a cholesterol test. Thought might as well live life before the results came out.
This time we had the egg and salami muffin. It was even better than the chicken sausage muffin I had at Panvel. Love the toasted, crispy buns in the muffin. Kainaz and I shared one and both of us couldn't stop praising it!
I had a hash brown which a colleague ordered during our Panvel trip and didn't share!!! It was crispy, oily, mashed potato deep fried in batter. Need I say more?
I polished this off with a pancake (you get two in a box). I spread butter and maple syrup on the pancake, rolled it and had it with the lovely, robust and slightly sweet Georgia cappuccino. The perfect ending to a lovely breakfast.
And a great start to the day. Especially after they sucked your blood (cholesterol test, remember?)
I must put it on record that Kainaz wasn't excited by most of the stuff except the cheese and salami muffin which she kept singing about it in joy!
  • Most items cost Rs 40 or about 1 USD
  • Currently breakfast is served at Fort, Phoenix, Vile Parle, Vashi (possibly) and Panvel outlets


Unknown said…
Have they started this recently??...Had never heard about it earlier...Infact haven't seen anything of that sort served here in Dubai....
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I don't think I have seen it anywhere. Its not there everywhere here. Not even in bandra