On D Roll: roll away

I would definitely stay clear from On D Roll, a stall at the fairly well stocked food court at the Oberoi Mall, Worli.
We tried boti rolls as the pictures at the shop showed that the rolls were maida paratha rolls and seemed similar to the rolls of Calcutta.
Well the paratha was greasy but nice. The only other good bit were the fried onions which were nice and tangy.
The mutton sheekh was quite disappointing. It was tough and you couldn't bite into the mutton kebabs. It didn't taste like the mutton stuffing of the Calcutta rolls. And they took more than ten minutes to deliver though there were hardly any other customers.
And the price was ridiculous. Two rolls cost us Rs 125 (USD 2.5). Which is quite a rip off if you consider the fact that the rolls at CRC (Linking Rd, Bandra) and Dee Roll (Hill Rd, Bandra) cost Rs 30 (0.6 USD) each, taste better and are closer to the rolls of Calcutta.
The food court is well stocked though as it has Chinese, continental, Indian food as well as two premium restaurants - China Garden and Don Giovani.
Note: One the one hand I feel it is a bit trite to write about food at a time like this. On the other hands I feel the killers would have won if they sapped my spirit.


I agree that people need to keep on living as they were, otherwise, the terrorists have won.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Yes...we must get along with life BUT not forget what's happened