Sweet home Basilico

I often have these sweet cravings at night. Especially on weekends. Then I begin pestering Kainaz till she succumbs and orders a regular pack of chocolate mousse royale or praline almonds from Baskin Robins for me. And might I point out that I share it with Kainaz.
Kainaz, for all her no carbs at night diet diva posturing, does occasionally give in to her true self and confesses to a sweet cravings. I of course oblige and go out and pick up something for her.
She is more of a cake/ pastry person. There are a number of options outside our house at Pali Naka- Pot Pourri, Birdies (shuts by 11 PM), Oven Bake, 5 Spice and her current favourite, Basilico.
Most of these shops are open till at least 12.30 at night.
I had got her a chocolate mud pie recently which she quite liked. This is a dark chocolate lover's delight of a crushed brownie, chocolate shards and chocolate sauce.
Last night too milady felt like something sweet. In her defense she was a bit bruised after taking a bit of a tumble in the evening. Her brief to me at 11.30 at night was 'surprise me'.
So I stepped out to Basilico and got her a chocolate ecstasy. This is a dark chocolate and Oreo cookie based pastry. The base more like a solidified mousse rather than sponge. It had a hard, cream texture if you know what I mean and was covered with chocolate chips. Kainaz couldn't stop gasping with joy with each bite that she took. Need I say that she is a dark chocolate addict.
Note: Both pastries cost Rs 130 (2.3 USD) which is the average price of pastries there. They have a baked cheese cake pastry there which costs Rs 200 ($ USD) for some reason. The prices are a bit steep but being a restaurant they probably factor in the establishment costs.


Manasi said…
Aww...mush :)

Here you go Knife. The wiki link for GOP
k said…
mud-pie and choc ecstasy are presently neck-to-neck. Need to have them both again before I can declare a winner.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Manasi: I am a bit old school. I realised I could have googled my request after I posted the request
@Kainaz: sounds like my kind of sport