Tumne hamara namak khaya hain... Kakori House biriyani

Last evening Kainaz came home and mentioned that a friend had got left over biriyani from Kakori for lunch.

That set my mouth watering and I suggested ordering dinner from there. I love their dry biriyani and we are both fond of their galawti and kakori kebabs. Plus anything to avoid the fish curry which was in the fridge (I am not too fond of fish).

Kainaz did mention that a gourmand in her office tried the biriyani and declared it salty. I said that it might have seemed so because it was not hot.

Well we ordered from Kakori at ten at night and was pleasantly surprised to to see them deliver it within 20 - 25 minutes. This was a pleasant relief from earlier when they used to take ages to deliver. Some advantages of recession.

Well the galawti and kakori were fantasic as ever, very soft (pate like) and excellently flavoured.

The mutton in the biriyani was very tender. BUT it was bloody salty!

The accompanying raita was salty too so I had nothing to cut the salt. The idea of paying more than 100 Rs to a restaurant is that you expect them to be professionals and to get it right. This was quite disappointing.

Oh venerable one, you were right!

PS The headline is a favourite of Hindi film script writers and losely translated means 'you have had my salt' ...and are indebted to me. Yah right. It is sad that a restaurant had to move from the Mumbai highs section to the lows one