The Knife on the web

I did a review for Feastguru after quite a while. Feastguru's 'chief foodie', Kirti (in the picture below) and I became friends through Orkut over discussions on Bengali food and Bombay restaurants.

Apart from being a fellow crazy foodie I quite admire his desire to follow his passion. Feastguru is a result of that. Kirti takes fantastic food photos. He also makes kick ass Calcutta styled biriyani apart from some great pork spares and phirni. He is a big hearted host and I hope he takes all the hints and invites us again soon.

My first formal review was on feastguru and so Kirti is my first food editor.

Luckily he no longer has a space constraint and can allow me to wax eloquent without much editing. This is my review of Flags which is pretty similar to what I had put on the blog

I have still not made any money out of food writing but I have at least got a few free meals so far!

Notes: well wishers who are worried that I ate all the stuff at Flags needn't worry as I had a couple of spoons everything except the drinks which I finished.