Lazy liver

“Liver is good for you”, I kept hearing this from my mother while growing up. I used to kick a fuss about eating this bitter cut of meat. Then when I grew up I was told it was bad for cholesterol so I happily stayed away from it.

Then I met a woman who loves liver and most other organs (these form a big part of the Parsi diet). Then I married her. I am a bit of a food bully so my preferences largely determine our dinner fare. So liver rarely features there. I make quite a decent liver fry though.

I made this after ages for Kainaz the other day.

Here’s my recipe for liver:


- 1 tea vegetable spoon oil
- 250 g chicken liver, cut into small peices
- ½ finely chopped onion
- 1 chopped tomatoes
- ½ table spoon grated ginger
- 1 potato - cut into small cubes and parboiled - 6 minutes in a micro
- 5,6 curry leaves
- Spices – 1 tea spoon each – jeera (cumin) powder, garam masala, ½ tea spoon each – red chilly powder, black pepper powder, table salt.
I added a tea spoon of tandoori masala and East Indian bottled masala which was at home but are not crucial
- Green capsicum/ bell pepper

- heat the oil in a pan
- add the curry leaves
- add the onion and sauté them till the onion is translucent
- add the tomato and stir till the tomato pieces go soft
- add the potato and the spices (there can be no liver without potatoes says the missus)
- add the liver and stir till the liver becomes dry and firm from the original pink
- add the capsicum and stir for a couple of minutes
- The end

Duration – 15 - 20 minutes from start to finish

Best had with parathas

Note: I realized that we have three bulbs in our kitchen which focus on the bus table. So I experimented taking photos without the flash. I thought the effect was quite nice. The 'burnt' (photo, not food term) look which comes with flash in macro wasn’t there.


Scarlett said…
I too kept getting told liver is rich in iron & was forced to eat at least one piece whenever there was mutton for lunch/dinner. Hated the taste :)
All you need is a really good pate to turn you around. =)
RJ said…
Hmm.. Liver is the only organ meat I don't eat.. Never liked it for some reason.. I've had foie gras a couple of times, and that's awesome. However, for some reason, I can't stand cow and chicken liver.. brain, marrow, intestines, cartilage etc are OK.. Nay to liver..

Unknown said…
Not sure but I guess mutton liver is supposed to be tastier and much preferred over chicken liver....Am anyways not at all fond of it and so never bothered as such :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi, I wonder if the slew of comments on liver is in protest against it being pushed down our throast as kids. What say Scarlett?
@Jessica, yes pate is quite divine. There are a couple of Indian kebabs from North India which have the same, soft, mashed texture - Kakori (named after a province in India) and galawati (means melted). Legend has it that an Indian chef came up with these kebabs for a newab who couldn't digest food. The chef used papaya juices to make the mutton soft. You should ask for these though they are not commonly availble
Ranjit: Foie gras?That's the holy grail! My favourite organ is 'khidi' (cow's udder)
@Kashi: Mutton liver tends to be firmer and more bitter than chicken liver
k said…
the taste lived up to the picture