My 8 cc of fame: the Knife in press

We shifted into our new place on Saturday night. We have rented a place which is even closer to Candies.

Sunday was our first morning in the new house. Sunday was also the day when my first food and travel article came out in print. It came out in Mumbai Mirror, a daily in Mumbai!

I haven’t stopped grinning since then. This was like a dream come true.

Don’t get me wrong. I am indebted to whoever invented blogging and the folks at Google and Blogspot. I have really enjoyed every moment of blogging. I loved the opportunity it gave me to do something I love, to write. And on things which I love; food and travel.

But I also belong to a generation to whom print rules. To me getting published in a leading publication is right up there with the best things in life. Also you are your own editor in your blog. Here someone has to approve of what you write, like it and publish it.

As a fellow blogger had once said, behind every blogger is an aspiring author. Well it’s been a start. Tiny in the scheme of the universe but it means a lot to me.

In fact I owe this article to my blog. A lady from Mumbai Mirror wrote to me on my food blog asking me if I would write something on food on travel. This was around last September.

I jumped at the opportunity and wrote one on my Singapore trip on my travel blog.

A few months of anxious waiting later it came out yesterday!

Interestingly my first job, all of one month, was as a sub ed for a newspaper called Asian Age when they had started in Calcutta in 1995. Then I went on to do my MBA. Sometimes I wonder how life would have been if I had stuck to writing. That's clearly what I love the most. At least thanks to blogs I can follow that up now.

Disclaimer: The headline of the article is not mine. Mine was 'In search of the chilly crab trail. Rest is trimmed but not changed as such.


Moonshine said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can understand how it feels.... have you put it up on your soft board???
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Moonshine: thanks so much...actually that's the only thing I was yet to do :)
Congratulations! Totally Awesome!
mangald said…
That's pretty cool. And does this mean I can get in touch with you about your opinion on general food-related stuff?

A lot of articles require general peoples opinions on whatever we are writing about. Would love to use a quote from someone like you rather than my friends, who happen to like food.

Get in touch with me if you can

mangal (dot) dalal (at) gmail
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Jessica: thanks a ton
@Mangald: sure, would love to
Anonymous said…
Hey Congratulations!!!!!
This is wonderful news. Your writing has now started inspiring me also to start writing about my favorite passion: Automobiles
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Nihar, thanks so much. You must start your auto blog. Let me assure you that you will love it. Looking forward to the link
Ace of Spades said…
looked for it in the bangalore mirror - not there. had to content myself reading off your site.

good stuff tho.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Glad you liked it. I have a scanned copy and am vainly sending it across to all