Those days

I am down with food poisoning since morning. The culprit was a tuna salad sandwich which I bought yesterday and had for breakfast today. I went for work but came home mid way.

So this 5 feet eleven inches man weighing a good 85 kilos was felled by a little tuna.

I am quite acquainted with the drill by now - nausea, fever (mild this time), stomach cramps. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. But work beckons.

My Mom and brother are coming tomorrow and we are all off to Goa, the land of food on Wednesday. Need to be up by then.

The doctor is quite used to the regularity with which I come with my food poisoning woes. I am quite susceptible to fish. She knows that I am a foodie and I wonder whether she takes me seriously. In fact she gave the recipe for pork chops the first time I went to her with my cramps.

A woman's cramps could hardly more regular!

Anyway went to Candies for a hot chocolate. That's a tradition I have started to follow a visit to the doctor.