Bambino cooks for Mamma Mia in law

Kainaz is quite proud of her pasta in cream sauce.

She made it for my mom and brother during our second trip to Calcutta six years back. They added tomato and chilly sauce to her pasta. Kainaz had a seizure!

Years later my Mom has introduced pasta as a change of taste in her diet. She often does avant garde things like sauteing the pasta like a Chinese noodles or making them with cucumber.

She's visiting us right now and asked K to make it for her one day. So K went into the kitchen, after ages, armed with Bambino pasta, milk, corn flour, butter, garlic pods, slim cheese, chicken sausages and fresh parsley.

Mom decided to observe her cook so that she could pick up the recipe. For the rest of us, our only hope is that Kainaz reads the post and puts up the recipe here.

The two came out after pasta was ready. How was it?

It was one of the lightest cream sauces that I have had in a while. I could taste the butter and the garlic...neither dominated, both were distinctive and yet blended well together. The fresh parsley was an interesting touch and broke the taste with a sharp, summery bite. The sausages were lovely and, as my Mom said, abundant compared to restaurants. The cheese was in the background but didn't dominate. The little women were happy that it was healthy too - skimmed milk, slim cheese, pat of butter, chicken sausage

The acid test... my mother didn't add any funny sauces to the pasta.

Note: This is not a paid review, but there would be a lot to pay if I didn't write this


k said…
The biggest ingredient in the recipe happens to be instinct. That, coupled with the stuff mentioned in the post can take you to heaven and back.
Rhea said…
Ha ha!! Now where is she?? I want the recipeeee...! (Wow, that rhymed!)
You can't hype it up like that without posting a recipe...that's torture.
k said…
Here it comes -
low on calories, high on taste pasta recipe - portion for 3

What you need
1 pack pasta (rather obvious)
500 gm chicken sausages (spicy ones)
500 ml SKIMMED milk
1 spoon low-fat cheese
1 spoon mayo (the more the merrier actually)
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
4 green chillies, split wide open
1 spoon butter
1 spoon cornflour
Half-fistful chopped parsley

What you do
Boil the pasta and set it aside. First timers remember to pour cold water on the pasta post boiling. This prevents it from becoming soggy, because that's just yuck!

Chop sausages and saute them in tiny winy bit of butter.Set aside.

Take a fresh pan. Don't argue, just trust me and take a fresh pan.

Put the rest of the butter in the pan and let it melt.

Add garlic and slit chillies and saute the two. Do not let the garlic burn, because then you're doomed.

Premix the cornflour in the milk and add the mixture to the pan.

Now comes the workout.From now on you have to stir continuously until eternity or until the sauce thickens. Whichever comes first.

Once the sauce thickens, add the sausages that I'm sure you've nibbling on all this while:)

Then comes low-fat cheese and mayo. Stir stir stir.

Finally, add the pasta and the chopped parsley. Post this point, you will stir very gently.

Once you think all the stuff in the pan has got to know each other well, switch it off.

Serve a portion in a plate, sprinkle freshly crushed pepper and strike a deal with your husband to clean-up after dinner.
Rhea said…
YummO! :) Thanks!
Samil said…
Great Blog,

I like your style of writing, will give credit for the ohoto I have used.

Warm regards,

soldier of fortune
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Samil, glad you liked the stuff here. I just dropped in at your blog and plan to read up more. I guess you meant the bombil fry picture. Well I am flattered and look forward to the photo credit.