As mushy as it gets: Brownie Cottage

I first had brownies with ice creams when I had come to Bombay on work years back. It was love at first bite.

Over the years I experimented with brownies at places such as Leopold (standards have dipped though), Brownie Point (big, budget, brittle), JATC (slightly crumbly but goes well with ice cream).

Then I discovered the really soft, gooey, melt in the mouth ones at Candies, Theobrama and Open Bake.

Another little nugget is Brownie Cottage at Carter Road (beside Amore), Bandra. They have the most amazingly soft brownies starting with the basic ‘Just Brownie’ (Rs 35, 0.8 USD). There are brownies are best enjoyed by taking a bite, by letting it roll lazily on your tongue and then enjoying the magic.

They have a range of exotic sounding brownies based on premium chocolates – Lindt, Belgian waffle, Oreo, Toblerone, Ferrero and so on. These cost ten to forty Rupees more than the basic brownie. I will let you into a secret. There is not much of a difference between the basic brownie and the premium ones. That’s not because the premium ones are not good. Its because the basic one is spectacular too. So it makes more sense to buy two of the basic ones as they are fairly small than one exotic one.

Note: They deliver at home but I wouldn’t depend on it as they deliver only if the order is large and they often claim not to have people.