Mrs Knife makes the cut...creamy pasta recipe

There's been a lot of interest recently in the pasta Kainaz whipped up for my mom. People wrote in asking for the recipe. I finally got her to pen it down as a comment. I thought that i will paste it as post too.

She likes to call it a 'Non Chef Recipe'. Kainaz often proclaims that she doesn't like cooking. That cooking is a mechanical process for her. That she occasionally enters the kitchen only because I like food. I think the main difference between her and me is that she is more of a recipe cook while I go by my instincts. But the fact remains that I have learnt making pasta from her.

So without further ado let me introduced the self proclaimed 'non chef' Karmakar to the web world. Here's her pasta recipe:

Here it comes - low on calories, high on taste pasta recipe - portion for 3.

What you need

- 1 pack pasta (rather obvious)

-500 gm chicken sausages (spicy ones)

-500 ml SKIMMED milk

- 1 spoon low-fat cheese1 spoon mayo (the more the merrier actually)

- 1 tablespoon chopped garlic

- 4 green chillies, split wide open

-1 spoon butter

- 1 spoon cornflour

-Half-fistful chopped parsley

What you do

Boil the pasta and set it aside. First timers remember to pour cold water on the pasta post boiling. This prevents it from becoming soggy, because that's just yuck!

Chop sausages and saute them in tiny winy bit of butter.Set aside.

Take a fresh pan. Don't argue, just trust me and take a fresh pan.Put the rest of the butter in the pan and let it melt.Add garlic and slit chillies and saute the two. Do not let the garlic burn, because then you're doomed.

Premix the cornflour in the milk and add the mixture to the pan.

Now comes the workout.From now on you have to stir continuously until eternity or until the sauce thickens. Whichever comes first.

Once the sauce thickens, add the sausages that I'm sure you've nibbling on all this while:)

Then comes low-fat cheese and mayo. Stir stir stir.Finally, add the pasta and the chopped parsley. Post this point, you will stir very gently.Once you think all the stuff in the pan has got to know each other well, switch it off.

Serve a portion in a plate, sprinkle freshly crushed pepper and strike a deal with your husband to clean-up after dinner.


So interesting. sounds like something Lon would like.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Jessica a light creamy, pasta is just what he needs after the mauling at Mexica
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