On a break

We are off to Goa tomorrow for my brother and my birthdays and plan to come back after kilos of good meals on Sunday. This is our first birthday together in ten years. My first birthday with my Mom in ten years.

A very different Goa trip from usual.

Kainaz has supported my annual birthday trip to Goa so far. I wonder where that will stand after this trip.

Keep commenting. Will love to read them once I am back.


Manasi said…
Shoot! I thought the Goa trip already happened. Hence the previous commment. Have fun!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks a ton and great to hear from you. Hope the cold's treating you fine. There are tons of Goa food posts in the Goa section of this blog to act as an appetiser
Anonymous said…
thanks for the recommendation! :)
we had the Prawn Khausuey (Had been eyeing it since a few day at the Joss counter) at the Kala Ghoda festival, so quite glad. Was awesome.

Also had the pla ni rik - fried Pomfret in basil and coriander sauce. Deelilsh. Gotta admit I liked this a leetle more than the Khausuey. No desert happened since said person was stuffed to the brim. :D

Mucho thanks again! Will be checking with you periodically as a patron of the new food-consulting role your taking on :D

Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Suma,

Too full for dessert!!!! I don't know you.

Thanks for telling me about the pla ni rik. I am not much of a fish freak but Kainaz is. Plus someday the doctor might sit on my chest and refuse to let me get up till I promise to eat only fish
and no red meats or shell fish.

What do you think of the food order consulting idea? Nothing frustrates me more than an uninformed waiter...and the world is full of them

Have you tried global fusion?
Anonymous said…
honestly, this is the first time 'I' was too full for desert. Me, the one who believes desert trickles down and occupies nect to no space in stomach (since it nestles in hips and cheeks lol).

I am all for the consulting idea :)
No, not been to global fusion, but plannign a trip soon.

Coming to fish, the Grilled Rawas at Moshe or even at Wodeside inn is DEEEEELISH. I absolutely love fish, and this is a must-try :)

And, happy belated!

Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Suma,

Thanks for the belated.

I love the way they present the food at Moshe's.

I believe that I have a separate hump like camels for dessert.

You must go to global fusion if you like fish and prawns