Good morning Bandra, Crepe Station

A good breakfast is key to a good weekend for me. After trying out various options, we have figured out that Candies at Mc Ronnel is our favourite.

I felt like something different last weekend. More like a hot breakfast. So we headed to Crepe Station at the Carter Road food lane.

Crepe Station had first opened at Carter Road five years back. Kainaz and I went there once in its early days. I remember us going to the tiny sit in section upstairs where we tried out some sweet crepes. Crepes were fairly new to Bombay then. They are not too popular even now. Crepe Station soon moved on to waffles (Kainaz loves the Nutella waffles here), breakfast fares, continental lunches and even local dishes such as parathas and poha!

Crepe Station grew in size, in range, in number of outlets and eventually shifted a couple of outlets down the road from its original place at Carter Road, Bandra.
The new place at Bandra has a slightly bigger sit out. And, if you contort yourself, you can even get the odd glimpse of the sea in the morning. They have a small air conditioned section too.

The place was reasonably crowded last Sunday morning. The crowd was typical Bandra - young couples, the odd family with kids, a few foreigners and a couple of grandmas.

Service was sluggish. We waited for more than twenty minutes for our breakfast after placing the order(I came prepared and had a cookie at home), about ten minutes for some ice cubes which we wanted for or fruit juice and about seven minutes after they said that we will get our food in two minutes.

We kept looking at the kitchen, saw people come out with an order and then lost hope as we reaslised that it was for someone else.

The food came eventually. And it was absolutely worth the wait!
We had fried chicken sausages (Rs 90, 2 USD) which were fantastic. The sausages were juice, left a delightfully creamy after taste and were topped with cracked whole pepper which really livened them up.

We also tried Spanish Omelets (Rs 160, 3 USD). This was a regular omelet lightly stuffed with bits of potato and olives. The omelets were fried just right. AND it had the right amount of salt. A lot of places, especially Just Around The Corner, serve unsalted omelets. The Spanish Omelet was served of crisp, ho,t brown bread and butter. The brown bread was surprisingly tasty.

We also had a watermelon juice (Rs 40, 400 ml) and grape juice (Rs 25, 200 ml) which were fine.

I quite enjoyed the breakfast and the open sit out (I was facing the restaurant front while K faced the dusty road). It is not a cheap option though as breakfast two, with dishes shared came to about Rs 350 (7 USD). Breakfast at Candies (two coffees with free petite fours and a sandwich) cost us about Rs 150 (3 USD).

Kainaz was comparing Crepe Station (CS) with Candies while we waited for our food. This was her score:

Smiling faces: Candies : yes CS: No
Long wait for breakfast: Candies yes CS: No
Free jelly slice: Candies Yes CS: No

She was notably calm and quiet once the food arrived!


pallavi said…
Thank you for this review Kaylan- We tried it on a sunday morning too. I quite liked the place and enjoyed the breakfast very much. On the food score- ordered spanish omlette and brown bread thingie and it was good as expected but nothing 'special' I think I had huge expectations from this place. The bread was good. ( did not try the crepes, waffle or the chicken sausages and I want to try them next time) I thinkk it was pricey for the food it had to offer. The food was good but ummm could have been more fancy :)
I will give my feedback after I try it one more time and pick the some other stuff. ( however husband refuses to shell out on regular omlettes that he thinks he can manage at home)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi Pallavi, thanks for writing this as I hadn't been there for ages. Good to know what's happening. As you rightly said, its very expensive for what's on offer. In which case it makes sense to go there if you like the ambience, most of us in Mumbai live in very small places after all, or can't cook at home