Breakfast at Candies ... a modern day fairy tale

A good, lazy breakfast is a very important part of our weekends. We normally prefer to go out and have breakfast. Earlier we used to flit between Candies at Reclamation and Just Around the Corner. Then Candies opened close to our house a couple of Christmases back. It has been our favoured place for breakfast for a while. We now go there close to once a day and twice to thrice a day on weekends.

We love the hot coffee there. Kainaz likes her’s in a take away cup with a lid and a straw. The folks at Candies have got used to this by now. And she loves the fact that the coffee is always hot here.

I have shifted from Cappuccino to Nescafe as I prefer a watery coffee.

But the biggest draw for me are the petite fours (tiny sugary pastries) which come with the coffee. We normally have the packaged sandwiches over there – egg, tuna salad, ham and cheese, chicken jungle or plain chicken. A fellow foodie pointed out that these are a bit chilled at times. So I get them grilled which the folks at Candies do to perfection.

The other nice thing about mornings at Candies is that the mad lunch hour and evening rush is not there and the mood is quite languorous. And we occasionally bump into our friends T and N who are Candies addicts too.

Paradise? Almost, but not quite. There are times when I yearn for something different like fried eggs, omelettes and cold cuts with toast for breakfast. You get these at Crepe Station or JATC but not at Candies. The fare at Crepe Station or JATC is more expensive plus they don’t have the cosiness and big, warm smiles of Candies. And the service at these places suck on weekend mornings and often spoils one's mood.

So I did try frying eggs and salami at home on a couple of weekends and whipped up coffee in our cappuccino machine. Breakfast in our new place was quite an idyllic picture specially with the tree with balmy, leafy branches outside our window.

There was a slight problem. Kainaz threw a bit of a fit as she wanted to go to Candies! To her the weekend did not seem right if we didn’t start the day there.

That’s how matters stood last Saturday as we got into another day of sorting things in our new place. The evening was quite a tiresome one as we tore our hair over the misadventures of our carpenter and the key maker. So we headed to Candies for coffee to unwind.

It was Earth Hour and Candies looked like magial with candles all over and the lights switched off. And then I spotted the poster – “All Day Breakfast At Candies”. Omelettes, cereal, juices, sausages and baked beans. Could this be true? First our favourite joint opens close to our house. And now they would serve the one thing we missed there. Now isn’t that the stuff fairy tales are made of?

We had guests coming over for lunch the next day but Kainaz and I were determined to have the hot breakfast at Candies. It was the first day of their new menu and I think we were the second people to get the breakfast. The folks at the counter seemed a bit unsure when we asked for breakfast but then they called the kitchen to place our order. And then, after a slightly long wait, our order arrived.

Egg white omelettes with cheese and mushrooms. Very nice and tasted as good as home made omelettes. Fried just right with the perfect blends of cheese (not too cheesy, not invisible) and mushrooms. And they had got the salt right unlike a lot of other places which charge a lot more and give you salt less eggs. The omelettes came with a soft Candies bread roll and butter. All of this for a princely sum of Rs 50 (1 USD)! Kainaz had a side order of 2 fried chicken sausages while I had a portion of baked beans which nicely balanced the omelettes. The side order cost Rs 25 (0.50 USD). Juices, though on the menu, were not available so we had our favourite coffees. They have fired eggs and cold cerel too.

A nice hot breakfast, on a weekend at our favourite eating joint. Life couldn’t get better. We look forward to going back again. Would be interesting to see if the breakfast comes any faster now.

Note: While its described as an 'all day breakfast', my sources tell me that you get it within 8.30 AM till about 4 PM

T&N went for the breakfast today, a week after it started, and were happy to get teir brekfast in ten minutes


Scarlett said…
Have you ever had breakfast food for dinner? Ham & cheese / chicken, cheese & mushroom omlettes, fried sausages, hash browns, english muffin or waffles & pancakes! Nothing beats having breakfast food for dinner..or better still in the middle of the night :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
sounds exciting...ya why not. I think Parsi's often eat eggs for dinner. In Calcutta egg was the minimum non vegetarian thing one had if there was no fish. So you might end up having omelettes or mamlets as they were called, rice and daal
Magical Homes said…
Hmmmm...strange. We also shifted close to candies last weekend. Actually the lane behind candies. Nice leafy lane. Went for breakfast to JATC. I'll try candies too for breakfast.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@MD: those are lovely lanes, Congrats again. We used to park our car in that lane when we went to Candies earlier

Love this earlier. We have a flat opposite Boat Club and lived there for five years. We recently rented a larger place which is in the lane parallel to Pali market, the second right after Toni & Guy.

We love the waffles at JATC but the service is a drag there. Crepe Staion has fancier breakfasts but its mad on holidays. Candies is more home like. At least for us