Ask and you will get it...Out of the blue

This is my second post on Out Of The Blue, one of my favourite special occasion places at Bandra AND Mumbai.

We went there on Sunday after winning the Big Fight in our housing society.

Kainaz was quite drained and felt like an ice tea. They had quite a few flavours - peach, lime, blackcurrant - but our Rani of Jhansi wanted orange! The young and enthusiastic steward taking our order said that they don't serve orange ice teas BUT that he would try to make it.

He came back a bit later with an orange ice tea (Rs 95/ 2 USD) and nervously said that he hoped we liked it as this was the first time they had made it.

And guess what... Kainaz loved it and couldn't stop praising it. So they not only customised a drink for you on a busy Sunday afternoon but made it damn well. I took a sip and found it to be well flavoured and not overtly sweet or full of synthetic pulp as it often is in a lot of other places.

I then went to my pint of Carlsberg (Rs 166/ 3.1 USD) which I found to be too bitter in comparison to my current favourites, Bud and Tiger.

But that's not all. There's more to why I am writing my second post on the same restaurant than the orange ice tea. If you remember, I had earlier written about my frustration with continental restaurants in Mumbai which don't serve leg pieces of chicken. I don't like the breast piece or fish and therefore end up ordering prawn or pork which aren't good for me.

Well, I thought I will give my heart a rest after all the drama of the society meeting and went in for chicken. I zeroed in on something called spicy chicken in lemon sauce (Rs 365/ 7 USD). And guess what? I tentatively asked for a leg piece. They gave me me a leg piece! And that too boneless.

I took a bite into the chicken and sunk into bliss as I tasted the most tender cut of chicken ever. And the light brown color sauce was so regal. It had a piquant touch of capsicum and a slight cheeky tanginess. The meat was artistically placed on a little mound of mashed potato. Leanardo would have approved of the balance of the presentation. And I love the soft creamy bites of mash which cushioned the slightly sharp bites of the chicken. A combination which was right up there with Uttam Suchitra of Bengali cinema and Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of the West.

And in case you love pasta like Kainaz does, but are queasy about calories which come with the sauce as she is, then you can order the penne in tuna flakes and garlic (Rs 285, 3 USD). The dish was light as it didn't have the ponderousness of a cheese sauce and was yet so tasty. It even had a non pasta lover like me nibbling into it again and again.

We ended this with a mango pastry (Rs 160/ 3 USD) which I liked as I found it to be a nice antidote to the fiery afternoon.

My chocaholic wife panned it and I had to order a chocolate gelato for her at midnight.

Out Of The Blue is not cheap but you feel good when you are there, especially when you know you are being pampered and looked after in a way which is ever so rare.

Gosh that rhymed!


Wow, custom drink? That's how you get a nice tip!
Scarlett said…
One of my absolute favorites in Bandra & Bombay! Love pasta, and love their food. Also their desserts. They're the only other place in Bandra that has a baked strawberry cheesecake that is just as delicious as that at 5 Spice.
Magical Homes said…
I know. I love the place too. Especially the ambience. Very chilled out. Except on saturdays the service can get a bit tardy, primarily I think because of the heavy rush.

I'm begining to understand your love for bandra. It's been a month of staying here and I so love the place. Hubby calls it a beach resort.....Somehow, staying here is the perfect foil to the stress of Mumbai.
you're making me hungry. I too like pasta that is not chessy. I cannot handle heaps and heaps of cheese. In fact I don't eat pizza because of teh cheese :P. One of my favorites pasta prep is penne ala vodka. it's yum.
The place is lovely...have you tried the cheese fondue? ...its the best I've had
Recently, a friend recommended the chocolate fondue/... have not got a chance to have it ...but have been dreaming about it ever since :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sorry couldn't answer earlier but yes,
- Jessica, felt like a king and left a nice tip
- Scarlett, they had a baked cheese cake which looked very tempting but I wanted to try something fruit based given the heat
- MD, I know what he means. Literally, its just a rocky strip and a dirty stretch of the sea. Figuratively, Bandra does have the laziness of a beach resort
- A, I LOVE CHEESE. I have tried penne vodka at Sphagetti Kitchen at Phoenix Mills, mumbai. Loved it. Slightly tangy and loved the slivers of cheese

- Ipsita, we first came to OOB years back for the fondue. That was their call for fame when they started. Of course we have had the chocolate fondue. We are quite decadent when it comes to chocolate