Candies Calendar Shoot

I took some pictures at Candies the other days. Finally put them up now that we have a broad band at home.

Their range just amazes me. How can one place make great sushi, Thai green curry, Malaysian beef rendang, egg white omelets, Goan sorpatel, Lebanese hummus, sandwiches, Punjabi butter chicken, roast chicken, cold coffee, ice tea, potato chops, patties, quiches, cheese cakes, brownies, lemon tarts and salads at the same time ????

Drool away...

The mushiest brownies in the world

Great starts to great days

The mystery which has plagued all coffee shops ... why does she take her coffee in a takeaway cup and have it in the shop?

Chicken sausage puffs... my Mom dreams of these when she is back in Kolkata

Part of the star cast

Classic roast chicken... so succulent and so subtle

Potato chops... Mamma's munching on them upstairs too

The inspiration behind the blue walls in our kitchen

A less crowded moment at the counter... grit, guts and glory are required to place an order here

A new love of ours

Sasuma's favourite ... macoroni salad filled with tiny cubes of cheese

Lovely lemon tarts to nibble on when I miss Flurys and Cookie Jar

The biggest range of cheese cakes in the universe

A rare person who understand Kainaz's coffee idiosyncracies ... hot, in a takeaway cup, with froth, a straw and Splenda

You can always count on smiling faces here

Rings of pleasure or karmic circles... forgot corny puns and just munch

Say 'jelly slice' and see Kainaz's diet hang ups go out of the window

Petite fours and mini tarts on the house with coffee ... the beginning of a love story