Microwave Tandoori Chicken for Lazies

I know that I haven't written much after the frantic postings a couple of weekends back. Well that's because nothing much happened on the food front. Plus I am down with various ailments. Listening to me will make me seem more like a ninety five year old than a thirty five year old. Anyway here's something which I got out of the archives and made during that eventful weekend

Caveat: This technically isn't tandoori chicken as you make it in a microwave and not in a tandoor (earthen oven from Punjab). The end result will not look as red/ orange as the tandoori chicken of restaurants. That's because we don't use food colours. You will need a microwave with a grilling function. I guess an electric oven would do too
  • 6 chicken pieces. I'd go for drumsticks. Slash the surface so that the masala goes in
  • Marinade. Mix together : 2 table spoons of curd + 1 tea spoon each of jeera/ cumin powder, dhania/ coriander powder, red chilly powder, black pepper powder + 1/2 tea spoon garam masala powder + 1 table spoon ketchup for the colour, 1/2 tea spoon sugar
  • You could add some paprika powder/ Kashmiri red chilly powder to add a redness to it
  • 1 tea spoon salt


  • Spread marinade on chicken pieces and keep in fridge for 3 - 6 hrs. The longer the better
  • Add salt on the chicken when its ready. It will drain out the juices if you add it earlier
  • Put the chicken in the microwave. This process takes 25 minutes
  • Put it on cook mode for ten minutes
  • Take it out carefully, it will be hot, turn the chicken pieces over using a spoon
  • Put it on grill mode for ten minutes
  • Take it out, turn it over and grill for another five minutes.
  • The dish is ready. There will be a lot of juice. You can sprinkle it over the chicken or on a bit of sliced onion, tomato and chilly as a salad. Best had with any form of roti.

So why try this despite the caveats? Consider the following:

  • This is completely oil free. I have it from dubious sources in the trade that restaurants part grill the chicken and then FRY it when orders are placed
  • You can get better quality chicken than what restaurants serve
  • No food colouring
  • For men who want to cook - anecdotal evidence suggests that men who can dish out tandoori legs make women go weak in their knees
  • And for women who cook - no oil, grill, white meat ... need I say more