Money for nothing

I have not made any money out of blogging yet. The Google ads for my 'most read' blog shows about 2 USD or something.

Yes, I have got the odd free meal while doing reviews for I have won a restaurant review competition there too. The prize was restaurant coupons at a restaurant at the other end of the universe so I have not gone there yet.

I love blogging. Don't get me wrong. But the mind does wander at these times of slowdown.

I have thought of a couple of ideas. Both suggested by Kainaz.

Idea 1: I often have people calling me up for restaurant and menu recommendations. Do you think there would be any merit in turning this to a business proposition? You can call up on a number where you can get restaurant suggestions and suggestions on what to order.

Idea 2: The other day a friend called me up asking for directions on how to make my kosha mangsho with chicken instead of mutton. I thought about it and gave her directions. The results were quite good apparently. In fact her guest packed some home. Which gave us our second idea.

Call me up and let me know what ingredients are there at home. I could give suggestions on what to cook with these in a simple and fast way, in a 'cooking for dummies idiom'.

My success in getting our maid to turn out fairly good dishes can be my creds.

So what do you think? Any VC offers?

Of course my dream would be to become a food columnist or write a food book or host a food show. But one can't depend on 'luck by chance' can one?

Any suggestion on how to go about making some money out of food?