No 'no comments' please

I find it difficult to push myself at night to write. Especially after a long day at work, followed by a fifty minute walk and dinner at 1030 or later, writing in precarious positions with no writing table.

That's when one wonders about what keeps bloggers going. Specially when there is no agenda or motive or reward in sight. In fact I read a post today from a prolific blogger I follow who exhorted people who visited her site to comment on what they read instead of 'lurking'.

I could completely empathise with what she said. Nothing gives me more joy than to read comments on my blog. From those who have commented on my posts over time. And the odd new person too.

Today a close friend of mine from my last days at Calcutta came on Google Chat and told me that he reads finely chopped every day. And that he has started going to Candies more often after reading my posts on Candies.

Thanks Tublu, you are the reason I am writing tonight :)

PS: I know that I have not replied to a few recent comments but I hope to do so tonight


Anand said…
Hey there,

Apologies for lurking - I'm another person who reads your blog everyday! Really enjoy your articles.

One suggestion: I think you should do an "area" based series of posts - good places to eat around Dadar, Wadala, Sion etc. for example.

Alternatively, you could tag your old posts accordingly - this makes it easier for a reader to quickly locate and visit a restaurant in their area.

Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Anand, thanks a ton for dropping in. Now I have got one more strong high to write a post.

Your suggestion on the localities is very good.

I hadn't thought of a lot of these things - localities, prices, meal types/ times - when I started the blog. But feedback from folks like you have made me realise that these are important.

Now that I have a broadband connection at home, I plan to take a mouse home one weekend and spruce up the site.

So I wouldn't bet on these happening soon :)

Just two problems. I am a bit disorganised in life. And I procastinate.
Sharmila said…
It's the same story with my blog too ... my blog gets so many hits a day ... I wish people would write at least a line ... even if they don't like something.
And am not about to analyse this expectation of mine. :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
In fact Sharmila I normally comment on any blog post that I read. Don't know if that means I am opinionated