Seeking comfort

Do you crave for any food when you are down in the dumps, emotionally or physically?

I am a big advocate of chocolate ice creams and sundaes when one is low. This is my standard response in the rare moments when I am asked to play, ahem, an agony aunt.

There are times when my stomach goes under, not the best of things if you are in the world of food. Unfortunately this happens too often and I have the routine by heart by now. Call Shiv Sagar, ask for a curd rice without onions, chill it a bit and eat.

I think it is slightly tougher when you have got a fever or cold or body ache. I often feel like having a juice but that's apparently a no go. I also like to have something sweet while I still have some taste... or a salty snack. But when it comes to sustenance it is the food which grew up on which one turns to. For me this is usually a Bengali styled hot daal, steamed rice, some potato dish and the odd fish fry.

Do to be fair food is not the first thing which comes to my mind when the thermometer rules my life.

What is your favourite soul food?