Erotica at Carter Road, Mad over Donuts

At the risk of having someone 'flag this blog for objectionable content' I must write about the sensual experience that we had this morning.

Kainaz and I had just finished breakfast at Crepe Station. We had a nice Farmers Breakfast - egg white omelet with chopped potatoes, potatoes and chicken ham, perfectly salted, in the 'air conditioned' section where the sweat hung heavy as the AC was yet to wake up.

I suggested that we step across to the newly opened Mad Over Donuts shop at Carter Road, Bandra. It shares a shop with Gelato Gelato. We had gone to Mad over Donuts (MOD) at the Oberoi Mall at Goregaon in the past and had quite enjoyed their stuff. They had an assembly line there where one could see the donuts getting made. Fascinating stuff.

This our first visit to the smaller, Bandra franchise. There was a huge array of donuts - chocolate, strawberry, jam and even cheese! It was like being in a donut heaven. How did one choose?

With a prayer in my heart I pointed at something called Hazel Dazzle (Rs 40/ 0.9 USD). The menu card described this as 'Nutella Bavarian Cream on the inside and hazelnut flavoured chocolate on the outside. The Donut is sure to dazzle'.

K asked them to heat the donut for twenty seconds. That done, we took it in a plastic plate to a table outside the shop. What we then experienced for the next few minutes was pure sin. Such pleasure can't be right. We indulged in pure debauchery in the middle of Carter Road in a dusty, sunny Sunday morning.

The donut was hot. They don't give you and knives or forks or spoons here. So it was quite a physical experience as various senses - touch, taste, smell, sight - came together for the orgy.

I tentatively poked the donut. At the risk of repeating myself, it was hot, real hot. I tried again and slowly caressed it till I got used to the heat and then slowly broke a piece. A stream of molten chocolate sauce oozed out the moment I touched the donut. I slowly licked the sauce of my fingers and tasted the most heavenly, sweet and mellow chocolate sauce with a wickedly tempting hazelnut flavour. I was in paradise. I followed this with a bite of the donut. This was really soft, fresh ... like a really loving, tender embrace. Every bite was pure ecstasy and we couldn't stopped moaning in delight as we shared the donut. Sundays couldn't get any better.

Nigella would approve.


  • Nomad's research shows that 8 seconds is the right amount of time to heat the donuts. Having tried that since with Hazzle Dazzle, Black and White and Double Trouble... I agree
  • MOD doesn't deliver yet
  • Most donuts cost Rs 35 or 40. There are some bulk discounts too
  • They have a coffee machine
  • In fact they make their donuts fresh at Carter Road too.