From the Files of Agent Green Glass - Salt Water Cafe

Kashi, Abhishek ... yes it's been a while.

The truth is that the last couple of weeks have been fairly drab food-wise. Hardly gone out anywhere new to eat. That's why I have barely posted anything except the odd recipe.

And add a festering stiff back, which just refuses to go, to this culinary dormancy. A stiff back is probably second in line after a fractured hand as a roadblock for a blogger.

But as the cliche goes, the show must go on. So even if I don't write there are kind souls out there with dishing out the goodies for us.

For example, there is Agent Green Glass and her 'Review for the Knife'.

If you remember, I had written about Salt Water Cafe sometime back. That time Kainaz and I had cold cuts and cheese and raved about the place. We didn't have any of their main dishes though and were planning a trip back to check these out.

Well here's the report on Salt Water Cafe from the Files of Agent Green Glass. She has written about the lovely liver pate, layered grilled fish and the prim and proper pasta that she had as well as the eat before you click, Tiramisu. Check out the piece. I am quite sure that like me, you would like to make a beeline for Salt Water Cafe too.

Thanks AGG!


you are welcome : ) btw i went to a friends place for lunch. and had the most delicious pork chops. cooked in a stew. delicious. wish i had taken a pix. but if you eat pork, i promise you the recipe.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I love pork. It's my favourite meat. And it is banned for me :(

Pork chops and spare ribs are my favourites. There are few pleasures in life which measure up with biting into pork fat.

I think the abundance of pork is one of the reasons why I love Goa so much.

I make quite a nice bacon hakka noodle. I tried making a pork vindaloo years back but just couldn't get the damn thing to cook.