Love actually ... the microwave brownie recipe track

Young Pavan recently asked on a discussion on brownies on Finely Chopped, "is it possible to make brownies at home? On the microwave? Has anyone tried?"

This reminded me of a story of something which happened once upon a time in a city called Mumbai.

There was a young girl who was born in Mumbai. She was the baby of the family and was used to having the world wait on her. Her wish was the command of all around. The only time she lifted a spoon was to have a bite of chocolate ice cream. Carefree as a Princess, she was brought up to be.

This little princess met a young man from a land far away. He was a new kid in town who managed to win her hand over prawn fried rice, beef chilly and chocolate brownies at Leopolds.

The princess left her palace and her Five Gardens to marry the young man. And they lived in a tiny house after an even tinier marriage.

That's when the reality of life kicked in. They loved to eat. They ate out every night of their courtship and were left with an account balance as round as the biggest of rasgullas. Loan EMIs, rents and maids to be paid became the order of the day. Eating out. What was that?

So life went on till one day the Princess remembered the young man's love for the brownie at Leopold's. She did the math and ruled out a trip to Colaba. She scoured the world wide web instead and downloaded the recipe for microwave chocolate brownies and took a print out on a bright yellow page.

Out she ran from her office and shopped for cocoa, butter, flour, milk and other stuff which we will never know about. She came home with her shopping bags and marched towards the microwave.

A few hours later he rang the bell after a long day at work. Only to see her sobbing quietly in the four feet by two feet passage they called their kitchen.

He asked 'what happened' as he prepared to apologise for whatever it was that made her cry. No questions asked. No strings attached.

She looked at the micro and sobbed even more. He squeezed past her and opened the micro, only to find shattered glass all over.

That was her first attempt at a brownie that evening.

He heard her story. Helped her clean up. Said, "give it another shot, I am in no hurry". He switched on the telly. Ignoring the hungry mice that ran all over his stomach.

A while later she surfaced again into the four feet by four feet room they called their drawing room. And at dinner time, their dining room.

She proudly held a plate with four brownies of indeterminate shape arranged on them.

He took a bite and gave a big, happy, smile of approval, bliss and contentment.

And finally her day was made.

Today if you ask him for the recipe of a microwave brownie, you are likely to get an empty stare.

But ask him for the recipe of a microwave soft centred cookie of indeterminate shape and he will dig up her file of recipes from eight years back and pull out the yellow print out she used that night.

The End


Such a sweet story!
Very well written...
I like your new header pics!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@HCOF, thanks Mills and brownie huh? @Jessica, glad you like it. Was experimenting with the look of the site. Any suggestions. Your site is really fantastic. What platform do you use?
Serendipity said…
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Kalyan Karmakar said…
i guess as a mushy as a candies brownie
Anonymous said…
Cute Attack!!!

You really love your wife dont you!!! Lucky her
Pinku said…
beautiful story....

and I am sure the princess and the young man lived happily after in greatfood land.
k said…
somewhere hidden in there is a compliment
Manasi said… gotta shop this around as a story idea! I found some great blogger templates online, you could just google 'blogger templates', most of them are free. All you need to do is download and install, you can make minor tweaks if you know HTML. Or just rope in a friend or two to help with some microwave cookie/brownies.
Pavan said…
Such a cute story!!
Can make a movie on this one!
and the yound man and his princess ate well everyday after that basking in foodland :)
very cute story.

But your header is divine. I always hold my breath and some food in my hand whenever i click on your blog. you do know that you make me hungry for food right. This time i also let out a small a whimper. I am craving your header food.
Sharmila said…
I was about to mention M&B (oh but I hated them) and you said it all as M and Brownies. :-)
Anonymous said…
what a yummy story.
the love is obvious :)
oh my. wat a lovely story. listen i have a soooooper doooper idea. we start a cooking club. all those who love, absolutely love to cook. everyone pitches in money, say three or five hundred bucks a head. and every month one person gets the money. and cooks a meal for the club with that money. wat say?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Sorry for this rude, inexplicable silence. Was overwhelmed by all your comments coming in. Was busy munching brownies from Theobroma all this while

@Anon...very true. Touch wood
@Pinku...yes despite Atkins, Nigam's, Makhija, Rujuta, GM ... you get the gist...thanks a ton
@K: and a humble request for
permission to have a donut from MOD
@Manasi, thanks for the suggestion... it would be great to jazz this up a bit.
@ A: there is no land like food land. Everyone should be big, fat and happy. The way Julius Ceaser liked them. I am sure that you baked yourself something great when the photo hunger pangs hit you
@T: was that supposed to mean 'short and sweet' :)
@Sharmila...I think all of us in class read a MB in ninth standard...couldn't figure out what the fuss was about
@Legally Alien: thanks and touch wood again
@Agent Green Glass...thanks & great idea. In fact I plan to experiment a bit ho do we start this?
Bong Mom said…
Awwwwwwww that is so sweet