Blogging in the time of back ache

My back gave in again.

Thanks to being chosen over a taxi service after dinner a few days back, followed by a flooded kitchen yesterday where I had to scoop out the water with a ladle and, close your eyes, found the carcass of a dead rat!

I have been pretty much knocked flat since then and my back's been stiffer than the famed British upper lip. Driving makes it worse and no one has worse luck than us with drivers.

But I have missed blogging like anything. I am addicted to blogging and to writing. And what fires me up the most is seeing the reader stats tick AND the lovely comments which readers often leave behind. I suffer from severe withdrawal symproms when I am the blog. And mobile blogging is not working out to be a satisfactory patch so far.

Thankfully Scarlett kept the Finely Chopped flag flying even when I was out of action with her lovely G M diet friendly chicken and tomato creation.

My back pain's a bit dull right now so I thought that I'll sneak in a few posts while I can.


Scarlett said…
My pleasure :)