Gloria's - Lukewarm Mocha

Gloria Jean's has some pretty good coffees and is a favourite of ours. Especially when we get a place to sit in the tiny Bandra outlet.

I ordered a Cafe Mocha twice recently because of a hoarse throat and a tiny flu. The Mocha was very nice and picked me up.

But it was NOT HOT. Despite my asking them the second time around. I hate lukewarm coffees. Coffees should be so hot that you should wait for them to cool them. You should not have to sip quickly like a horse to chase the heat.



spice and more said…
I always ask for my coffee to be made extra hot (and feel a tad embarassed doing it). But luke warm coffee makes me rather angry.
I would not drink Gloria Jeans coffee (we don't consider any American brand coffee as real coffee here in Australia) - we are spoilt with the real Italian thing and the taste buds to tell the difference ( I am really sounding like a snob).
I drink only one coffee a day usually and it has to be really good....
What about buying your own stove top coffee/cappucino maker? Are they available in Bombay?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Spice and More... you shouldn't bother about that...even we ask for our coffee to be HOT. I guess the coffee shop guys bring it upon themselves.

I thought G J was Australian owned. Most of their coffee bags say 'made in Australia'.

Actually my wife is the cappuccino freak in the family. I like my coffee to be black with a dash of milk. Some friends of ours have gifted us a cappuccino machine. I even bought some G J beans.

But I guess she is a coffee shop gal ;)
spice and more said…
Is it really Australian? Hard to believe. It certainly styles itself on the American Starbucks kind of model. I think I might have had a coffee there once...when desperate. Generally I prefer a small coffee shop with character and trained baristas. If the barista looks dodgy (ie someone who does not know what they are doing), I leave before ordering. How sad am I?!
Do you get Lavazza coffee beans (Italian) or some good Australian ones are Vittoria or Grinders. Go the home cappucino route I say...don't support evil coffee chains! Next time I come to India I shall bring you a bag of decent coffee beans...and chocolate chip biscuits! Remind me....
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey...I'll take you up on our offer. We hardly have any independent baristas here. But we did come across a quaint French couple making handmade cappuccinos at a market at Goa.

Here's more on them

We do get Lavaza beans here. They have bought a local coffee chain called Barista.

I think that Sam's chocolate slice will be heavenly with a steaming cappuccino
Aroon said…
Glorias happen to be my fav coffee place too.. me n my friends usually park our asses there though my fiance doesnt quite like the place.. their choc muffins are simply kickass.. and also their coffees are good and i love it that u can just sit outside on the ledge with your coffee and smoke.. :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Aroon, Gloria's a favourite of ours. We have gont there quite often off late. But make a beeline for inside. i guess am too old for the all the heat and dust outside. Though it smells of Flit inside in the evening.

And one has to keep repeating them to serve the coffee hot. But they fianlly mange to get it right.

We like to catch up on the parlour like sofas at the end of the day.